About Me

Hello, my name is Kelly Tingler.  I am a physician assistant (PA) trained at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) who discovered “functional medicine” in my own journey towards health.

I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my teenage years when I was placed on antidepressant medication.  I never felt comfortable being on them and eventually learned how to manage my anxiety through a beloved Christian counselor who gave me the tools I needed to work through some issues.

[On a side note, I believe there is a stigma in the church about seeking outside help with mental and emotional issues.  Sometimes we need guidance from a trained professional to deal with trauma, abuse, guilt, or any number of experiences.  So don’t feel guilty, get help!]

As a PA I have worked in an adult and pediatric emergency room as well as with an OBGYN in women’s health.  In all these clinical settings I was bombarded with adults and children alike that were struggling with chronic health issues.  I, along with my colleagues, were at a loss in how to help them… Although most of them wouldn’t admit it.  It wasn’t until I was again struggling with significant anxiety in my 30s that I turned to a more holistic approach.

My husband and I lost our first child in 2011 through stillbirth.  It was the most physically and emotionally traumatic experience of my life.  After this we suffered through a time of infertility, where try as we might, I could not get pregnant.  Finally in 2014 we had our second daughter, despite struggling with pre-term labor throughout the pregnancy.  After I finished breastfeeding and weaned my daughter, my hormones tanked.  This sent me into the most severe time of anxiety I’ve experienced in my life thus far.  My counselor introduced me to functional medicine and I knew this was the way to heal my body.  I now realized I had serious gastrointestinal issues reaching back to childhood.  Many of my hormones including estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol were also imbalanced.  My brain was sick, my gut was leaky, and this threw my hormones into a whirlwind.

Through diet and realizing some food sensitivities, I began to heal my body.  This was not a fast process.  Despite how much we want to feel better NOW our bodies don’t heal that quickly from decades of illness.  I struggled with daily anxiety for the next 6-9 months, but slowly the cloud lifted and my body began healing.

That’s what our bodies were created to do – heal themselves!

We just need to give it the right tools – whole food diet, movement/exercise, stress reduction and relaxation, etc.  That’s what I’m here to teach you, how to discover the tools you need on your own journey to health!

There is hope, I promise – I’m living proof.

~ Kelly ~